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OneCare E-Referral service allows physicians to refer their patients to another setting of care or health care provider.


Procedure to send Patient Referrals

1.   Provider Dashboard > Resources > E-Referral

2.   Select Outgoing > Add Referral

3.   Fill Referral Details


Procedure to receive Patient Referrals

1.     Provider Dashboard > Resources > E-Referral

2.     Select Incoming > View Referral details



OneCare supports a user accessing the medical record of another user e.g.:

  • Child [requires Access Authorization]
  • Adult [requires Access Authorization for Parent, Spouse, Partner or Friend]

Functions you can perform with your access:

  1. For children under 18 years old: You will be granted full access to your child’s health record.
    1. Messaging (send messages to providers)
    2. Schedule Appointments (view upcoming and past appointments
    3. Pay bills
    4. view immunization records
    5. test results and more.
  2. When Child turns 18 (Age 18): You will no longer have access to child’s health record. Access Delegation will be deactivated for the account. If your child wishes to grant you Access Delegation, it can be done from the Child’s profile.

Follow the steps given below to provide Access Delegation:

  1. Go to Settings > Edit profile > Delegation Details
  2. Search for the user you want to grant Access
  3. Select User and Save

Patients telemedicine appointment can be scheduled by the following steps below:

  1. Go to dashboard an select Scheduling
  2. Add Appointment

  1. Fill appointment details and Save
  2. Connecting to doctor at the appointment time; go to Scheduling > Appointments and Visit and select the Appointment time and connect to the doctor
  3. Or click on E-Visit > Request E-Visit and accept e-Visit Terms

Then Connect.

Allows patients to block access to their Personal Health Information through Consent Management approval process.


A patient can give healthcare providers access to your health records through Consent Management. When you visit a new healthcare provider, you can provide access to your health records through Consent Management. You can also either approve or deny and access received from a healthcare provider to access your health records. This can be achieved using the procedure below:

  1. From patient dashboard, go to Resources > Consent Management
  2. For request already received from healthcare provider, select Approve or Deny under Actions

  1. To pre-approve access to your health records, select ‘Give Access to Records’
  2. Then, Select the Provider and approve consent

OneCare supports standard electronic prescription transactions. Electronic prescription can save your organization time and resources, while ensuring that your patients receive the medications they need. You can send ePrescription using the steps below:

  1. Go to dashboard > select Patient > Timeline
  2. Select e-Prescription then ‘Add e-Prescription’

3. Provide Order details, then Add order


4. Fill the Prescription detail


5. Select Pharmacy

6. You can Preview, Print, Add Signature and also save as Favorite for future Prescriptions.

Documents like Consent Forms, Practice Documents can be uploaded and sent to patients and staff of your practice. Use the follow steps below to upload and send documents.

To attach documents:

  1. Go to Document Center > Document List
  2. Add Document > Search File, attach and Save



To send a document requesting for e-Signature use the following steps below:

  1. Go to Document Center > e-Signature
  2. Click on ‘Add Document & Signature’
  3. Select the recipient, attach file and save


To add e-Signature to a received document:

  1. Go to Document Center > E-Signature > Received
  2. Go to Received > Click Add Sign under Actions for the document that requires signature.

3. Place your signature on the required spot on the document, then Save


OneCare support robust analytics and reporting framework. You can generate different kinds of reports by mining the data.


Dynamic Reports

You can generate different types of reports about the patients treated in your practice.  The reports can be generated based on the demographics of the patient, their health vitals, lab details, medical history that includes diagnosis, immunizations, allergies, medications, etc.




You can generate a report for patient health vitals.



Provider Appointments


You can also generate reports based on the provider’s appointments in a given time period.



Birth & Death Reports


You can generate various reports and analytics of births and deaths in your practice over a given period. To achieve this, go to Resources > Registry Reports.


OneCare offers repositories for registering new birth and death. The registration of new birth and death and be done using the procedure below:

  1. From Provider Dashboard, go to Resources > Registry Services
  2. Then, select Death Registry of Birth Registry


Death Registry




Pay a Bill

You can pay a bill using the procedure below:

  1. Dashboard > Account & Billing > Billing Account Summary
  2. Select ‘Click to Pay Bill’ or ‘Make Payment’ under ‘Actions’

3. Recharge Wallet

You can fund your wallet using the “Recharge Wallet Button”